After hesitantly agreeing to a gender-bending Halloween couples costume, Cory has to overcome their fears at a high school Halloween party. What starts off as embarrassment becomes a new found confidence and sense of self from dressing up like their girlfriend. This exciting revelation would soon be tested when the night draws to a close and Cory has to face taking off the costume.


I met Jenny Jae Cory deep in Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountain Region. She sat me down and started telling stories about her life as a trans woman. Three years later, I was given her unfinished memoir to read. It contained the story of when she first put on female clothing on Halloween Day of 1987.

Being not only good friends with Jenny but also as a queer person myself who has experienced a similar “self coming out” moment in my life, I was deeply drawn to telling this coming of age story. The film plays with Halloween, a time in which the rules are bent and you can become anything you want for the night. This strange holiday is infused with magic and mystery and opens doors to endless possibilities of self, much like it did for Jenny.

This story is not only an important experience that many trans people share but a timeless story that rejects the notion that being trans is a “new thing.”

- Hansen Bursic